The Historical Museum of Resistance

The Historical Museum of Resistance of Sant’Anna di Stazzema

Through original documents, explanatory panels, manifesto panels, notices and newspaper of that period, photographic, audiovisual and multimedia outfit, objects and authentic testimonies, the Museum will offer to the visitors an essential outlook (exhaustive and rigorously historical at the same time) about the events occurred in Tuscany in 1940-1945, with a major regard to the Versilian region:

- The Nazi occupation;
- The Resistance: the aspects, the episodes and the most important people of the fight of liberation;
- The slaughters: a wide space will be given to the slaughters carried out by the nazi-fascists in the Tyrrhenian area of the Gothic Line and, in general, in Tuscany in 1943-1945;
- The slaughter of Sant’Anna di Stazzema: the history, the victims, the survivors’ testimonies; the crucial phases of the historical search of the truth, up to the trial’s acts concluded in June 22nd 2005 by the Military Court of La Spezia.

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