Air-raid shelter Solingen

During a short visit at the city Solingen we encountered a Luftschutzbunker (Air-raid shelter) in the city.
The bunker is located behind a supermarket at the Gasstrasse/Luneschlosstrasse.

These Luftschutzbunkers where build to give the residents a place to hide during the bombardments. Because Solingen lays in the middle of the heavily industrialised area, there were many bombardments during the war.

The German's build several type of Luftschutzbunkers during the wartime. They made bunkers underground, into subway stations and bunkers on the ground in several forms. They made big square ones with even Anti-Aircraft guns on top, smaller ones in neighbourhoods and even this type of tower. The idea with those towers was that they used less space in big crowded city's because they went up in the sky. The shape made that bombs who would hit the tower, bounced away because of the typical rooftop.

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