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Execution Site H-Górka

A modest wooden cross crowned with barbed wire marks the area of ​​one of KL Płaszów's most infamous mass execution sites. Corrupted as "Hujowa Górka", the name is a vulgar Polish word game. The name is taken from the name of the SS officer Albert Hujar who conducted and supervised the first executions here and the Polish word for the male member; a friendly translation would be 'Prick's Hill'.
Known as 'Hujar Hill' or 'H-Hill' in English, the site was not a hill at all, but a former military rampart with a massive hexagonal pit measuring 50m in circumference and 5m deep. Victims were told to undress before being shot and stacked in groups - alternately from head to toe - and sprinkled with dirt and lime. The first victims were Jews who were liquidated from the ghetto in Bochnia in the late summer of 1943. The executions were carried out almost daily until mid-February 1944. When maximum capacity was reached, the whole was leveled and covered with barracks for the 'interim camp' for prisoners of camps from the east.

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  • Photos: Louise Vos (1, 2), Herma de Vries (3, 4)