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Crash Site ‘Fairey Battle’ Bomber

During the German invasion a RAF ‘Fairey Battle’ bomber of No. 12 Squadron crashed at this place on 12th May 1940. Two days later, the crew consisting of Sergeant F. Marland, Sergeant K.D. Foorner and Leading Aircraftman J.L. Perrrin was buried here.
In November 1946 the bodies were exhumed and reinterred at the Heverlee British Military Cemetery.
A memorial stone was set up but it was neglected as the years passed by. In 1986 Rudie Meyers and Herman Staeren rediscovered the concrete stone unter the brushwood. A committee was founded to embellish the setting and to hang out the Union Jack. The first commemoration was organised in May 1986.
On May 1990, exactly fifty years after the tragic events, a new memorial plaque was unveiled in the presence of the Wickenby Register, the No. 12 (B) Squadron association of veterans.

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  • Text: Informatiebord
  • Photos: Luc van Waeyenberge

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