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Barrel German 88mm Flakkanon Damme

The piece of barrel that is here comes from one of the two German 88mm Flak guns that were deployed here in September 1944 in the area.
This monument had to be moved to this new location because of construction activities. This is now close to the location where the Germans abandoned it in September 1944. A new infoboard was placed (see photo 2).

Text on the old info board:
This piece of barrel comes from one of the two German 88mm FLAK CANNONS that were set up on September 13-14, 1944 near the Vergauwe farm in the Damweg in Moerkerke. They have caused a lot of damage in Moerkerke, Vivenkapelle and Sijsele. The 88mm German flak gun was a formidable weapon with a horizontal carrying capacity of 19.8 km. Vertically it could fire up to a height of 14.7 km.

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  • Text: Jhonny Bastiaensen
  • Photos: Philip De Busscher

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