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War Memorial Frasnes

Monument in memory of the victims of the First and Second World War.

At the front of the monument we see an angel figure with spread arms and banner:
"To Our Glorious Dead"
Below that ":
1914 - 1918 '

Side right:
"Warriors dead to the country", followed by 7 names with bell.
"Civilians shot by the enemy on August 25-26, 1914", 12 names.

"Thirty-four French citizens of the Marne department shot by the enemy on September 10, 1914", followed by 20 names

Civilians - 2 names
Died on the field of honor - 3 names

August 25-26, 1914: The Germans invaded Frasnes in late August. They destroyed 145 houses and executed 12 civilians.

September 10, 1914: The German defeat on the Marne in the early days of September 1914 had its epilogue in Frasnes.
As soon as the troops of the Third Army, which had arrived beyond the Marne, had to withdraw into the Region of Montmirail, they seized - according to their usual war method - a group of 38 civilians, of whom they brought thirty-four to Frasnes.
They were set up at the foot of the "Lion's Quarry", a quarry, and were shot without trial.
Due to further cruelty, the executors prohibited the identification of the corpses so that the list of the victims is incomplete.

Source: club numismatique couvin

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  • Text: Marie-Christine Vinck
  • Photos: Marie-Christine Vinck

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