Dutch MG Bunker Yerseke bunker 1

The bunker line Zanddijk ran from Yerseke through the west side of Kruiningen till the end of the canal through South Beveland.

These two bunkers of the bunker line Zanddijk near Yerseke lie on either side of the railroads Bergen op Zoom - Goes. Both bunkers are of the ordinary type SZW (3a) of which the northern bunker has two loopholes in stead of the three loopholes that the southern bunker has. In the period of the mobilization and the outbreak of the war in May 1940, the 'Bathstelling' on eastern South Beveland and 'bunker line Zanddijk' which was between Yerseke and Hansweert and the western side of the canal through South Beveland (between Wemeldinge and Hansweert) were to be defended. The canal Sloe was in that time a natural separation between Walcheren and South Beveland. In 1991, the bunkers moved a few meters in connection with maintenance at the railroads.

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  • Text: Mia van den Berg
  • Photos: Mia van den Berg