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Belgian War Graves Comblain-au-Pont

The cemetery of Comblain-au-Pont contains the grave of Belgian military victims of the Second World War. These are the graves of, among other : DUBOIS Louis, Thisnes-lez-Hannut 12 May 1940; HUBERT René, Genk 17 October 1940; LACRENIER Armand, 24 May 1940 and MACOUT Edouard, Brugge 28 May 1940.

The cemetery of Comblain-au-Pont also contains the graves of civilians, resistance fighters and partisans who died during the Second World War. These are the graves of, among other: DELVAUX Henri, executed at Liège on 2 May 1944; LEGENDRE Maurice, shot down by the Germans at Anthisnes on 10 July 1944; MASSOZ Julien, executed at Liège on 6 October 1943; Priest PEETERS Joseph, executed at Liège on 31 August 1943 and LEDENT Joseph, resistance fighter.

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  • Text: Luc Van Waeyenberge
  • Photos: Luc van Waeyenberge