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Stumbling Stones Max-Reinhardt Platz

These memorial stones (so called Stolpersteine of stumbling blocks) commemorate:
Anda Rozet - Bokor Margit - Buxbaum Friedrich - Fischer Paul – Graf Herbert - Horner Harry - Kipnis Alexander – Kleiber Erich – Lehmann Lotte – Leinsdorf Erich - Moissi Alexander – Paalen Bella – Pauly Roos - Reinhardt Max - Rose Alma - Rosé Arnold - Schaffgotsch Hedwig – Leuk Lotte – Schumann Elisabeth - Stössel Ludwig - Stwertka Julius - Thimig Helene - Toscanini Arturo - Walla Marianne - Wallerstein Lothar - Wallmann Margarete – Walter Bruno - Wittgenstein Paul

In front of the House for Mozart, the building of the Salzburg Festival, 28 Stolpersteine were laid on 17 August 2020 for the victims of the National Socialist dictatorship.
"100 Years of the Salzburg Festival" was the occasion to commemorate the displaced and murdered artists and the many other Jewish protagonists who played a decisive role in shaping the festival in the nearly 20 years from its inception to its annexation in 1938.

The small brass plaques, in the pavement in front of houses of which the (mostly Jewish) residents were murdered by the Nazis, mention the name, date of birth and place (mostly a concentration camp) and date of death.

In many other cities, mainly in Germany but also in other European countries, the memorials also can be found. There are already many thousands of these plaques and their number is still counting. Almost all Stolpersteine are laid by the German artist himself, Gunter Demnig.

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  • Text: Marie-Christine Vinck
  • Photos: Marie-Christine Vinck

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