Text on the plaque:
On 16 September 1944, 550 soldiers of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (RHLI), 2nd Canadian Infantry Division, under command of Lieutenant Colonel Denis Withaker, DSO, advanced into Antwerp to prevent the enemy from destroying the port facilities. For the next three weeks the RHLI, supported by the Belgian Resistance under command of Colonel Eugène Colson, fought a number of actions to secure the harbour’s vital equipment. Accompanied by the Resistance, the Canadians then began the advance to Woensdrecht and Zuid-Beveland (the Netherlands) as part of the overall offensieve to free the approaches to Antwerp.
On 28 November 1944, a Canadian supply ship became the first vessel to steam up the river Scheldt into Antwerp harbour, bringing the essential materials that contributed significantly to the allied victory. Of the almost 13,000 allied casualties in this campaign, 6,500 were Canadian.
4 September 1944 – 4 September 2004

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  • Text: Mia van den Berg
  • Photos: Mia van den Berg (1) & De Roust Jente (2,3,4)