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Plaque for the Officials of the Province of Luxembourg

This memorial plaque used to hang on the facade of the old building, but it now hangs in the entrance hall of the new administrative center.
The bronze plate is a signed work by Jean-Marie Gaspar, it was unveiled on January 7, 1923.

"To the officials of the Taxes, Land Registry, Customs and Excise of the
Province of Luxembourg
died for the fatherland"

Below the names in two columns:
Left: Baude E. – Baudoin E.J. – Bertrand J.A – Brackman A.J.A. – Brion G.L. –
Brucher J.M.F. —Collette E.J. – Cornet L. – Delvaux J.J. —Emond L.E.

Right: Ensch A. – Georges L.J. — Huberty A.J. – Lebrun A.G.H.J. – Neu A.G.J. –
Ponce G. – Ponce L.H.C. -Radelet L.J.N. -Renault F.E. – Wauthier L.A.J.

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  • Text: Marie-Christine Vinck
  • Photos: Marie-Christine Vinck

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