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Kora-Karola - German Infirmary Bunker

This German infirmary bunker in good shape was part of the largest bunker complex of Festung La Rochelle: "Kora-Karola". This 'concrete village' consisted of the following bunkers and gun emplacements of H.K.B. "Kora" and M.K.B. "Korala":

Gun emplacements:
4x gun emplacements for a 22cm gun.
1x gun emplacement for a 15cm gun.
2x S473-S484 gun emplacements for a 20,3cm gun.
2x Flak 28 2cm gun emplacements.
1x Flak 30 2cm gun emplacement.

Fire control towers:
2 x S497 fire control towers.

Support structures:
6x Regelbau 501 Gruppenunterstand
2x Regelbau 502 Doppelgruppenunterstand
1x Tobruk65a 5cm gun
3x Tobruk58c.
1x S498 ammunition bunker
1x Infirmary bunker, `Krankenstube`
1x Wellblech for chaplain.
3x Wellblech shelters.

Other structurs:
1x kitchen building.
1x stable.
1x theater
1x barracks+Wellblech.
2x barracks.
1x Vf shelter
1x Vf garage.
1x building for the commanding officer (CO)
1 x water well

The word "Krankenstube" is still visible on the building.

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