Memorial for Cadets of the Free French

Erected at the end of the southern dike,
With its back to a German bunker,
A granite stone has been placed,
Turned towards the open sea and towards England
lying invisible behind the horizon.

The monument memorizes the heroism
Of five young "Fort-Mohannais" who, escaped
From the surveillance of the occupying German forces
And reacting to the call of Géneral De Gaulle
Made their way to England
Onboard two rickety derelict canoes.

After both a heroic as well as a sporty act of heroism
They arrived exhausted at the befriended coastline,
And were received with pomp and circumstance
By Géneral Charles De Gaulle
And by Prime Minister Winston Churchil,
Surrounded by a wave of enthusiasm
Of the English people and the Free French.

Their names:
- Reynold Lefèvre;
- Christian en Guy Richard;
- Jean Paul en Pierre Lavoix.

They frequented the cadet-school
Of a free France and participated
In the battles on the side of the allied forces
Up till the liberation.

One of them, Reynold Lefèvre
Was killed in Juanuary, 1945,
In the ranks of the 1re DFL.

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  • Text: Ad Smulders
  • Photos: Ad Smulders