Memorial 'Passatges a Walter Benjamin' Cemetery Portbou

This Memorial of Dani Karavan commemorates Walter Benjamin. Walter Benjamin committed suicide in Portbou on September 27, 1940.
The philosopher and writer Walter Benjamin was from 1933 on the run for the Nazis. He settled for years in Paris but in 1939 after the German invasion of Poland he was as a German imprisoned in a French prison camp near Nevers. Shortly after his release, the Germans invaded France, Benjamin tried to escape to neutral Spain to travel to the United States from there. In Spain, he and a group of refugees were arrested and brought to Portbou. Here, the group was told they would be brought back to France and then the French would extradite them to the Germans. For Benjamin, this was unacceptable and that night he committed suicide by taking an overdose of morphine. The morbid is that the day after his suicide, the rest of the group has obtained access to Spanish territory. Walter Benjamin was buried in the cemetery in Portbou which is located behind this memorial.

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