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Commonwealth War Graves Ancerville

On the General Cemetery in Ancerville are five Commonwealth war graves. These are the graves of F/O H.Coker, F/O F.Holbrook, F/L H.G.M.Robinson, F/O F.J.Lockwood, F/O D.D.Plantana.
On 14 July 1944 at 22:01 departed from RAF Upwood, the Lancaster PA984 with the mission to bomb the railways in Revigny, France to avoid the supply of German war materials to Normandy. After D-Day these types of operations were performed to support the advancing Allies. It was just before reaching the goal shot by a German night-fighter and crashed in Ancerville. In the crash, six crew members got killed, five of them are buried in this cemetery. A sixth victim F/O F.C.G. Debrock was a Belgian and was repatriated to Belgium. The other two crew members were taken prisoner of war by the Germans.

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