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Dutch War Graves Roman Catholic Cemetery Roosendaal

On Roosendaal Roman Catholic Cemetery is a small plot with 15 Dutch War Graves from World War II:

Adrianus van Bergen, Soldier 3-5 R.I., 11-05-1940
A.E. Bogers, Soldier 5-R. Stoottr., 10-10-1947
Johannes Adrianus van Broekhoven, Soldier 3-3 G.B., 12-05-1940
J.G. van Baal, Res. Lt. 2 R.I., 8/11/1948
Cornelis Martinus Dekkers, Res. 2nd Lt. B.B.O., Det. London, May 11, 1940
Johannes Antonius Christiaan Geers, Soldier 3-3 G.B., 12-05-1940
Adrianus Sebastianus Hendriks, Sergt. 4-11-26 R.I., May 10, 1940
Franciscus Herrijgers, Soldier 2-3 G.B., 12-05-1940
Petrus Johannes Migchielsen, Sergt capitulant 2-3 G.B., May 14, 1940
Adrianus van Overveld, Mine ClearerM.G., 05-08-1945
Mathieu Johannes Jacobus Sep, Mine Clearer D., July 5, 1945
Petrus Gerardus Smetsers, Mine ClearerM.G., 23-06-1945
Hendrikus Petrus Vergouwe, Mine ClearerM.G., 17-06-1945
Marinus Cornelis van der Westen, Soldier M.C.-1-3 R.l., May 10, 1940
Adrianus Antonius Snoeijers, Res.Sergt.Vl.LSK., 03-05-1948.

On Roosendaal Roman Catholic Cemetery is also a plot with graves of citizens of Roosendaal who died during bombardments or artillery-fire by the Allies. In total, during the liberation by the British "Polar Bears", 45 civilians were killed. The Germans had built a tank ditch in Roosendaal, with the result that a tank battle took place in Roosendaal.

Another civilian casualty, André G. Bookelaar (16-02-1920 - 21-07-1944), Gerardus B van Deursen (08-08-1902 - 08-08-1943) are buried or remembered elsewhere on the cemetery.

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  • Text: Fedor de Vries &
  • Photos: Nanny Bierkens-Brouwers (1, 2), Ja Taheij (3), Bob van Vree (4, 5)