Museum Ship U-534

The U-534 is a German submarine of the type IXC/40, of whom only two survived in the world. The U-534 launched on 3 Sepember 1942 and used untill May 1943 for training purposes and weapon testing. From June 1943 to May 1945, the ship was active on the front, where it managed to shot down two British bombers (a Vickers Wellington and a B-24 Liberator). On 6 May 1945, the U-534 was sunk by enemy aircraft and three crew members were killed.

It was salvaged in 1993 by a Danish team and brought to Birkenhead in 1996, where it remained as museum ship. (picture 1) The museum was renewed in 2009, under the name "The U-Boat Story". (picture 2,3)

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