Polish War Graves Sint-Pieters-Rode

At a separate section of the churchyard in St-Pieters-Rode are five Polish war graves, these are the graves of F/O Stefan Boguslawski, F/S Maksymilian Cieslik, F/S Marian Kleinschmidt, F/S Tadeusz Knebloch and Sgt Pjotr Mazgaj. On June 28, 1943 departed at 2245 from Ingham airbase, the Wellington HZ438 with a bombardment mission to the city of Cologne in Germany. It was on the way up to Cologne shot down over Hageland (Belgium) by night fighter Oberleutnant Paul Zorner 1NJG3. Then it crashed at 0222 in Sint-Pieters-Rode. In the crash, all crew members were killed, they are all buried in this cemetery. Knebloch was not found until several weeks later, he was then buried at the remaining four crew members.

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