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Memorial Helga Deen Tilburg

In the center of Tilburg, In the Willem II street is next to the synagogue of the Liberal Jewish Congregation, the Helga Deen Garden. In this park is a Memorial dedicated to Helga Deen. Helga Deen was a Jewish girl who kept a diary in Concentration Camp Vught. This was in June 1943. In July 1943 she died in the German death camp Sobibor. Her diary was preserved along with several letters and was in 2006 published into a book.

Translated text on the Memorial:

Helga Deen fled the Nazis in 1933 from Stettin (Germany) to Tilburg.
She vwent there from 1937 to 1941 the National High School. During the Second World War, she stayed with her Dutch-German parents and younger brother from April to July 1943 in Concentration Camp Vught. There she held a month-long diary for her beloved Kees van den Berg from Tilburg. In July 1943 she died at age 18 in the extermination camp Sobibor. The diary is preserved along with several letters and was published in 2006 under the Dutch title: 'Dit is om nooit te vergeten. Dagboeken en brieven van Helga Deen 1943'. The diary and a school notebook, is now in the Tilburg Regional Archive. Helga Deen is symbolic of all Jewish men, women and children from Tilburg during the Second World War who were killed by the Nazis. For more information please visit the website www.helga-deen.nl.
(website inactive, red.)

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