Dutch War Graves Elst

Elst Roman Catholic Cemetery contains 11 Dutch War Graves lying next to each other at a Row of Honor.

The following persons have been buried here:
- Martinus Johannes Maria Hendriks, Private 1-I-8 R.I., *Elst 13th January 1920, +Arnhem 23rd May 1940;
- Johannes van Buuren, Private 1.-8 G.B., *Arnhem 29th December 1919, +Elst 11th May 1940;
- Hermanus Bernardus Arnoldus Geerlings, City council worker and member of resistance, *Elst 28th March 1917, +Neuengamme 18th February 1945;
- Willem Louis van Dijk, Agent of the Workers Council and member of the resistance, *Amsterdam 27th September 1886, +Elst 14th September 1944;
- Wilhelmus Bernardus van Huet, Baker, *Duiven 13th October 1917, +Elst 22nd September 1944;
- Cornelis Antonius Kool, Baker, *Amsterdam 11th December 1919, +Elst 22nd September 1944;
- Frederikus Johannes Witjes, Farmer, *Elst 5th February 1927, +Elst 22nd September 1944;
- Johanna Theodora Hermina Witjes, Farmer, *Elst 22nd January 1921, +Elst 22nd September 1944;
- Gongerius Hermanus Josef Witjes, Farmer, *Elst 30th March 1924, +Elst 22nd September 1944;
- Maarten Richard Maria Janssen, Sculpturer, *Nijmegen 3rd January 1919, +Elst 7th September 1944;
- Adrianus Sebastianus Machielsen, Machine worker, *Rotterdam 2nd August 1925, +Dodewaard 8th January 1945.

In the commemoration book the name of the person from a cleared grave can be found:
- Willem Jansen, Wachtmeester 5 K.R.A., *Arnhem 17th May 1909, +Eindhoven 6th June 1940.

Elsewhere at the cemetery the graves can be found of:
- Adriaan Michael Marie Puthaar, Plot I - Grave 134, Head of school and member of the resistance, *Deventer 11th February 1904, +Elst 14th September 1944;
- Frederikus Hermanus Witjes, Plot I - Grave 128, Farmer, *Heteren 28th August 1882, +Elst 22nd September 1944.

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