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Site Destruction Tiger of Michael Wittmann

Behind this building was the Michael Wittmann´s Tiger I nº 007 destroyed by Lt. James´s or Sgt Gordons Sherman Firefly with a 76,2mm AP round at 800 meters, on 8 August 1944. The Sherman was hide in the wood near Saint Aignan de Cramesnil (visible in the background).

Michael Wittmann and his complete crew were killed. There were buried here next to the wreck of the tank in an anonymous grave which was rediscovered in 1983 when the road was widened. Now they are buried in a collective grave on La Cambe War Cemetery (plot 47, row 3, grave 120).

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  • Text: Jose Antonio Caballero & Fedor de Vries
  • Photos: Jose Antonio Caballero

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