Memorial 437th Troop Carrier Group and Crash 11 March 1944

Text on the memorial:
Dedicated to honour the members of the
437th Troop Carrier Group
United Stated Army Ninth Air Force
World War II
who were stationed at Ramsbury Airfield
and participated in the campaigns of
Normandy, Ardennes Northern France
Rome-Arno, Southern France
Rhineland and Central Europe.

Where the River Kennet flows over
the small weir below this spot
Major Donald E Bradley
and 1st Lt Gaylord Strong
members of the 83rd Squadron
437th Troop Carrier Group
died in the crash of a
Douglas Dakota C47 aircraft on
March 11th 1944.

They were attempting to retrieve a
Horsa glider that had broken free
in a practice mission and landed in the
field above this spot.

Captain Lee Gilletre, 83rd squadron
Flight Surgeon, although seriously injured
survived the accident and returned to duty
after 5 weeks in the US Army Hospital at
Burderop Park Wroughton Wilts.

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