Memorial Colin Grazier

This memorial commemorates Colin Grazier from Tamworth and also Anthony Fasson and Tommy Brown. They died after they retrieved in 1942 an Enigma-machine and important code-documents from the sinking U559. When they entered the submarine again to retrieve more information, it sank.

The text on the memorial is:
Colin Grazier
1920 - 1942
This memorial is dedicated to Able Seaman Colin Grazier of Two Gates Tamworth, who gave his life recovering vital Enigma codes from a sinking German U-boat.
His extraordinary bravery together with that of Lt. Tony Fasson and Tommy Brown (all of HMS Petard) changed the course of WWII, saving countless lives worldwide.
While undoubtedly one of the world's greatest war heroes, Grazier was also one of the least known. Details of his actions remained secret for decades, depriving him of the true recognition he so richly deserved. This tribute was erected in the Year 2007 following a campaign in the Tamworth Herald which attracted worldwide interest. It was made possible with the support of local ex-service and civic organisations.

Erected in memory of all Tamworth people who died for their country.

More information on Colin Grazier and this memorial is to be found in the book: The Real ENIGMA HEROES by Phil Shanahan.

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