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War Memorial Boven-Leeuwen

After the war slowly but surely the Netherlands worked again on the reconstruction. In Boven-Leeuwen came a number of residents, including some who had survived war as a soldier, at the initiative of Pastor Rud. Dekkers together to bring about the creation of a monument to the victims from the village. These were: Ot Janssen, Wim Megens, Gielis van Kessel, Johan Peters, Roei the Weijert, Bes van Swam, Adriaan and Johan van Zwam and Jan Soetekouw.

The place where the monument is situated in fron tof the local R.C. Church on the Past. Schoenmakersstraat. Pastor Dekkers offered the land on behalf of the RK-church.

Meanwhile, the Nijmegen visual artist Rovers was mandated to create a design of the monument. His design, a lying angel who asks for silence for those who fell, was approved despite the large development costs of 10000. On Sunday, May 14, 1950 the monument was unveiled under great interest.

These are the names that appear on the front and on the left and right side of the war memorial:
Giel Broekman, Rhenen, May 12, 1940
Anthony Brouwers, Nijmegen, October 11, 1944
Jan van Dreumel, Rhenen, May 12, 1940
Johan van de Geijn, Neuengamme, May 3, 1945
The Janssen, Boven-Leeuwen, July 17, 1945
Gerrit van Kampen, Arnhem, May 5, 1943
Dos van Mourik, Boven-Leeuwen, March 23, 1945
Jan van Mourik, Boven-Leeuwen, March 23, 1945
Zeger Robbemondt, Rotterdam, May 12, 1940
Marinus Schiltmans, Beneden-Leeuwen, April 11, 1945
Wim Tijnagel, Mauthausen, March 24, 1945
Piet de Weijert Jzn, Boven-Leeuwen, July 17, 1945
Pietje the Weijert Rzn, Boven-Leeuwen, April 6, 1945

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  • Text: Richard van de Velde
  • Photos: Lennard Bolijn (1, 2, 4), Fedor de Vries (3)