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Concrete Encased M4 Sherman Tank Eden Doesburg

This concreted M4 Sherman tank was part of the post-war IJssel Line.

After the Second World War, a new field of tension arose fairly quickly, now between the great powers Russia and America. In Germany a wall was built between the western Allies and the Russians in the eastern part of Germany that they liberated. The beginning of the Cold War was born. The threat was also felt in the Netherlands and it was decided to revive the old IJssel line. Machine gun posts were placed again along the IJssel with war material from the Allies left behind. To this end, Sherman tanks were stripped of their engines and wheels and the tank covered with concrete was buried in the ground. Only the revolving dome remained above ground.

Just before the Alexander Ver Huell bridge near Doesburg is such a dug-in and concreted tank. It was placed in 1956, originally provided with a so-called Nissen hut.
When they were buried in a dike or elevation, an escape tunnel was usually also dug. This can be seen in the drawing under Photos, as well as the escape hatch on the other side of the traffic road.

The tank was recently painted and a text sign has been added. The armament was probably a machine gun casemate, a Browning 30 or a light Bren machine gun. The crew consisted of 4 soldiers / corporals. The installation costs in 1957 amounted to NLG 12,160 including 6 piles. 1,710 kilos of reinforcing steel and 35 m2 of concrete were used.

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