Dropping Zone Stegeren

From August 1944 a resistance group from Vroomshoop, which consisted of a force of twelve, made extensive use of a dropping zone (DZ) near Stegeren. No less than fourteen droppings took place. Each dropping delivered 15 to 18 containers totaling approximately 48 tons of weaponry and equipment.

The weapons and goods were during this period distributed to the addressees in the northern provinces as marked on the containers and transported by bicycle, by horse drawn carts and sometimes even by ship. Also nine secret agents descended by parachute on the Stegeren terrain where after they were provided with shelter in safe places. The codename for Stegeren was “Evert” after the leader of the resistance group in Salland: Captain A.F. Lancker who was hiding in Hoge Hexel.

The resistance fighters themselves were under cover in a camouflaged shack. In spite of various search parties by “Wachgruppe Ommen” (German guards from the city of Ommen) from Camp Erika, the resistance group was never discovered. This was certainly also due to the taciturn residents of the small community of Stegeren.

Thanks to the initiative of Drieks Makkinga from Ommen this monument was unveiled on May 4th, 1985.

The words on the plaque in front of the large boulder speak for themselves and can be translated as follows:
“Dropping Zone Stegeren 1944 – 1945. In grateful memory of the resistance group Salland, carried by the reticent support of the population, 4 May, 1985.”

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  • Text: Frank Meijerink
  • Photos: Frank Meijerink