Symbolic Grave Family Kocjan

This symbolic tomb is dedicated to the Polish familly Kocjan, that was torn apart, when it was deported to Siberia by the NVKD on 10 February 1940. The following three familly members fought on the side of the Allied Forces during the Second World War:

- Stefan Kocjan (1912-1988): 2nd Polish Corps. He fought in Italy from 1944 to 1945.
- Stanislaw Kocjan (1914-1994): Sailor on the battleship ORB "Orkan".
- Edward Kocjan (1924-1994): Participated in the Battle of Arnhem as parachutist in 1944.

Thee family members didn't survived the Second World War:

- The grandparents perished in Siberia.
- Wladyslaw Kocjan (born in 1919) was executed by the Germans in 1940.

Today, the family Kocjan lives in Poland, Sweden, Great Brittain and the United States.

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