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Valley of Death

It was here (in a valley) where the biggest tank battle ever in Slovakia took place. Hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles participate in this battle. People are even comparing this battle with the famous Kursk-tank battle.
On 10.00 AM of 25 October 1944, the Red army begun with an artillery barrage of 80 min on the German deference positions. After the barrage the Soviet 305th Rifle Division and 12th Guards Tank Brigade attacked. After 2 days of man-against-man and tank-against-tank fights the German troops retreated, leaving countless material and bodies on the battlefield. The Red army, that didn't encounter such fierceness from German side in months, lost also great numbers of material and people.

Nowadays you can visit this valley where you can see Soviet T-34/85 tanks, IL-2 Sturmovik airplanes and artillery pieces standing in the open air who are holding the local history in mind.

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