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Commonwealth War Graves Saint Catherine Churchyard

Saint Catherine Churchyard in Barmby-on-the-Moor was used by the R.A.F. base at Pocklington, the aerodrome being only 2 kilometres from the church. The churchyard contains the graves of 54 airmen of the Second World War. There are also two First World War burials.

None of the WW2 airfield named ''RAF Pocklington'' was sited in the parish of Pocklington, but mainly in the adjacent parish of Barmby Moor, so it is appropriate that those RAF and Commonwealth airmen killed should be buried in the church graveyard there.

01 1478651 Sergeant M C C SQUIERS (of South Africa) Air Gunner
02 404529 Sergeant J D GARROW
03 R.54040 Sergeant J M MAXON Air Gunner
04 R.354.A. Sergeant R P PAYTON Air Gunner
05 755999 Sergeant W I STROTHER Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
06 402127 Sergeant C G LORD
07 R.50333 Flight Sergeant O B Le FURGEY Pilot
08 Pilot Officer R B ALBRIGHT Pilot
09 Pilot 0fficer D W F HARPER Navigator
10 R.80002 Flight Sergeant P WITYCK Pilot
11 937811 Sergeant F P TURTON Observer
12 402914 Sergeant N W THOMPSON Pilot
13 R.71909 Sergeant H E DONSON Pilot
14 R.18039 A. Flight Sergeant J B GAYFER Air Gunner
15 R.64344 Flight Sergeant CHARLES HAROLD LATSHAW BROWN Wireless Operator/
Air Gunner
16 534437 Sergeant M W APPERSON Flight Engineer
17 1387742 Sergeant V E BETTERTON Pilot
18 933433 Sergeant K WINTERTON Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
19 R.59266 Sergeant W A ROBERTSON Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
20 R.72335 Flight Sergeant R F ROBB Pilot
21 Flight Lieutenant W H FETHERSTON Air Observer
22 Squadron Leader J MCCORMACK Pilot
23 R.7208l Flight Sergeant C HACKNEY Pilot
24 R.79143 Flight Sergeant T R OWENS Air Gunner
25 39740 Sergeant F H BROWN Navigator
26 R.95238 Sergeant W P JAMES Air Observer
27 Pilot Officer G F STRONG Pilot
28 1023368 Flight Sergeant J E NICHOLSON Pilot
29 Flying Officer A J GRAHAM Air Gunner
30 Wing Commander S B BINTLEY, D.S.O., A.F.C. Pilot
31 778696 Sergeant C R RUNDLE (of Southern Rhodesia) Air Gunner
32 R.70102 Warrant Officer II W C THURLOW Air Observer
33 Flying 0fficer T ARCHIBALD, D.F.C.
34 536790 Sergeant J T MURRAY Flight Engineer
35 1171174 Sergeant M H GRIFFITH Pilot
36 571587 Sergeant D A D SOGGEE Flight Engineer
37 1335250 Sergeant B NORRIS Bomb Aimer
38 108123 Sergeant G J MORGAN Pilot
39 1459372 Sergeant D A BELLERBY Air Gunner
40 Squadron Leader G S BARRETT Flying Instructor
41 Flight Lieutenant D C MOON, D.F.C. Air Bomber
42 R.92407 Sergeant J A McPHEE Air Gunner
43 R.87266 Sergeant F ALLEN Air Gunner
44 1026227 Corporal W McG. STAG
45 Pilot 0fficer C A SAUNDERS Navigator
46 Flying 0fficer H FAROUHARSON-LEY Navigator
47 411796 Sergeant A W FLANSBURGH-WASHBOURNE Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
48 569527 Sergeant T C COLES Flight Engineer
49 785073 Sergeant H E R SAUNDERS (of Australia) Pilot
50 1559119 Sergeant M N REILLY Air Gunner
51 1320473 Sergeant H E AMOS Air Bomber
52 1335639 Sergeant B G HART Navigator (Bomber)
53 657584 Sergeant W BROWNING Navigator (Bomber)
54 R.95452 Warrant 0fficer W P COMRIE Pilot

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  • Text: Fedor de Vries
  • Photos: John PDLHG

53.930327, -0.819313