Oranjehotel (Orange hotel) Scheveningen

The name of this "Hotel" requires an explanation: It is the nickname of the prison given to this institution during the Second World War when it served as a penitentiary establishment for members of the resistance during the German occupation. The name Orange refers to the royal colors.

The memory of the Oranjehotel 1940 1945 is being maintained within the Penitentiary Establishment "The Haaglanden" in Scheveningen. The monument Oranjehotel consists out of three parts. First of all death row consisting of cell number 601, one of the many death cells during the war; today maintained with the interior equipment of those days, including the slogans as these have been scratched and scribbled on the walls. Secondly the little gate on the side of the Van Alkemadelaan through which the death convicts were taken from the prison to the execution area on the Waalsdorpervlakte. And lastly there is a memorial plaque which has been installed after the war in the outside of the wall of the prison at the Stevinstraat. Together these monuments honor the courage and ideals of those that have been zealous for their principles, for belief and reason, for freedom and loyalty. Annually there is a memorial service each last Saturday of September.

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