Westwall - Pillbox No. 139/40 on Der Buhlert

This pillbox, No. 139/40, is located 10 meters east of the track, behind the bench opposite the other track. The type is Regelbau 11 mit Angehängte Kampfraum (with connected Fighting Room). This pillbox has 4 rooms, for 27 men.

All these bunkers were built as part of the Limes programme of 1938. In late 1944 and early 1945 they were manned by the remnants of the 272 Volks-Grenadierdivision. On 5 February 1945 they were finally taken by the 78 US Infantry Division.

They are closed to the public from 01 October to 31 March to allow bat colonies to flourish, so plan your visit for summer!

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