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Monument Victims Motorvessel Joanna General Cemetery Delfzijl

The monument commemorates the unknown war victims of the ms. Joanna.
The ship sank on May 9, 1945 and 39 laborers lost their lives.
After the capitulation of Germany the Joanna sailed from the island Wangerooge home. On the way to freedom, four days after the liberation of the Netherlands, the ship ran on a mine in the Ems at the height of Spijk. Most victims are then identified. The unidentified victims are buried in the general cemetery in Delfzijl or in other cemeteries.

Names of victims:
A.Beers 05-11-1924
H.Lensing 04-12-1916
M.Sanders 30-05-1923
D.Gugten 18-06-1924
J.Crienen 13-04-1913
K.Donk 11-12-1924
C.Donker 21-06-1912
J.Driedijk 02-05-1923
M.Erk 12-01-1911
W.Farla 21-09-1924
J.Galdermans 22-04-1921
H.Gritter 29-01-1920
G.Heugten 04-02-1923
J.Kemper 31-08-1922
D.Knol 12-03-1923
J.Lagraauw 29-08-1922
C.Linden 25-12-1923
G.Meijer 14-07-1912
L.Mous 28-07-1913
A.Mulder 29-05-1916
C.Riekwel 15-12-1916
J.Schotsman 30-01-1923
A.Smits 15-11-1922
H.Teunissen 09-09-1918
J.Toren 15-07-1923
C.Walraven 04-12-1922

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  • Text: Bert Deelman
  • Photos: Bert Deelman