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Dutch War Graves Yerseke

Text left stone:
Here lies
Wim Pieterse.
Born 5-12-1915
Too Yerseke
Killed 14-5-1940
Too Rilland-Bath.
His deeply sad
mother and sister
widow. W. Pieterse
The officers, under-off.
and reduce
14 R.I. and 14 G.B.
in whose memory he
lives on

Text small pebble in the foreground:
Last greeting
to Wim
Y K V Volh

Text-right rock:
Here lies
mil. solder.
Finus Daane
Geb. March 30, 1912
to Yerseke
May 17, 1940
to Zierikzee.
The Homeland faithful
he remained until death

The text on the third war grave may be translated as follows:
Here rests
our dearest beloved
son and brother
Jan Cornelisse
Dob 16 1 22
Died 30 4 45
Pullach (Germany)
Ps. 103:8

The text on the Monument:
Here rest

Hubrecht Leendert Huige. Born 21-5-1902 at Yerseke.
Johannis Zuydweg. Born 13-4-1918 at Yerseke.
Augustijn Zuydweg. Husband of K.M.G. Moellaart. Born 11-9-1906 at Yerseke.

Deceased by war violence near Wemeldinge on November 28, 1944.

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