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Extermination Camp Jadovno

This camp was in service between June and August 1941. Jadovno was the first extermination camp established by the Ustaše.

The camp was primitive and lacked proper sanitation. The prisoners were also forced to sleep in the open air. For 3 months, people were systematicly slaughtered at this camp. Thousands of Serbs and Jews were thrown alive in deep ravines or wells, others were knifed to death. It is estimated that some 35.000 people died in Jadovno. After the war, local citizens were shocked by finding caves full of death bodies.

Nowadays, it is possible to visit these 'wells of death'. It is recommended to take a guide with you, because most the wells are located deep in the woods. The Jadovno memorial was destroyed in the last Balkan war.

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  • Text: Kaj Metz
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