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Memorial Szmalcowka Labor Camp

Camp Szmalcówka was in service between 1940 till July 1943. It served as German 're-education' labor camp for Poles.

The camp was established in an abandoned factory complex. Many of the Polish prisoners died due to a lack of heath care, starvation, sickness and ruthless treatment by the camp guards. On 1 September 1942, Szmalcówka became a sub-camp of 'Lebrechtsdorf'. The camp was closed down in July 1943 and the survivors were deported to the 'Lebrechtsdorf' camp.

Of the 12.000 prisoners, 1,199 (397 of whom were children) died at Szmalcówka. 400 camp victims are burried on the Cmentarz Komunalny nr 2.

The camp today:
Today, a memorial in memory of the Szmalcówka victims is erected in front of the former camp location. This memorial can be recognized by a brick wall (coming from one of the factory buildings) with a plaque attached on it.

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