V1 Feuerstellung 620 - Richthaus

This German base was used to launch V1-bombs, mainly to London.

This great square-shaped ruins was the Richthaus. After they were removed from the ski-shaped storage buildings, the V1 bombs underwent the last changed for the launch: assembling of the wings, placing the detonators of the explosive charge, adjustment of the conduction of the flight. The latter operation required no magnetic interference. Therefore, no metal elements were used in the building. The handles of the doors were made of wood or non-ferrous metal. In the basement of the building there was a heating system. The Richthaus was exactly in the same axis as the launchramp. Length 13.60m , width 13m.

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  • Text: Bertrand Nollet & Fedor de Vries
  • Photos: Bertrand Nollet