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Dutch War Graves Koepelkerk

At the special cemetery near the Dome Church in Sappemeer are seven graves. The names of the victims are:

Willem Jelle Berg, farmer and member of the resistance
born 03-05-1898 in Sappemeer
08-04-1945 executed in Norg

Arent Bosscher, baker and member of the resistance
born 12-03-1906 Nieuwolda
08-04-1945 executed in Norg

Norbertus Johannes Anthonie Gruisinga, draper
born 06-12-1899 in Hoogezand
19-01-1944 deceased to Dankmarshausen-Werra, Germany

Kornelius Enno de Haan, baker and member of the resistance
born 30-12-1914 in Sappemeer
deceased 07-10-1944 in Delfzijl

Hendrik Kolthof, accountant and member of the resistance
born 02-11-1891 Wildervank
deceased 20-02-1944 Hoogezand

Obbe Leininga without appeal
born 17-10-1862 in Sappemeer
deceased 03-05-1943 in Groningen

Pieter Scheeringa
born 06-07-1924 in Sappemeer
deceased 18-10-1945 at Le Mans, France

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  • Text: Bert Deelman
  • Photos: Bert Deelman

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