Maginot Line - Fort Hochwald

The Maginot Line's fort Hochwald was a part of the Secteur Fortifié de Haguenau.

The garrison consisted of 1.030 soldiers and 41 officers.

Fort Hochwald was the most active 'Ouvrage' during the phoney war of 1939-1940. On October 8 & 9 1939, Hochwald fired in support of French patrols across the German border. In November 1939, it fired on German mine layers.
During the battle of France, Hochwald was bombed several times by German artillery and Stuka's.

The fort today:
It is currently an underground French air force command centre. A small section of Hochwald (the "Pierre Jost" museum) is open to the public on days of national remembrance.

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