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Royal Society the Schelde Memorial

It is a monument in memory of all employees of the Royal Ship Yards "De Schelde" that have perished during the years of the German occupation by acts of war.

In total there are six plaques.

The plaque in the middle contains a text that can be translated as follows and which has been engraved in a picture of a tree:
To those that died
by the hand of the enemy.
Slain by the fire
from the sky.
Perished in exile
far from their country.
To those that never saw
the liberation


Underneath this plaque with the above text you will find a smaller plaque with the names of seven Schelde employees that went missing.
A.D. Alberg. G.G. v. Poeteren.
J. Andriesse. A. De Raay.
W. Blok. J de Raay.
K. Salomons.

Both to the left and to the right of the plaque with the text two plaques have been placed with the names of the Schelde employees that died:

The names on the plaque to the left:
N. Bastiaanse - P.J.v. Dierendonck
C. v. Belzen - P.v.d. Doel
C. Bleijenberg - Dood
C.S. Bode - J. Francke
J.C.H. Bode - C.v.d. Geest
J.T. v. Boekhout - G.v. Gemert
C.A. Bomer - A.W. Goedhart
J.J. Bomer - C.v.d. Graaf
J. Boogaard - P.C. v.d. Heiden
J. Bosschaart - P. Hengst
J. Brasser - J. Houmes
J. Brasser Jz - A.J. Huibregtse
J. Brasser Mz - S. Huibregtse
A.J. Buisman - P. Kaland
A. v. Burgh - J.F. Karman
C. Caljé - C. Kleinjan
B.C. Compeer - L.J.B. Kloeck
W.J. Cornelisse - Kok
L.H. Daane - P. Kortekaas
B.v. Damme - B.M.J. Kriek
P. Davidse - T. Krul

The names on the two plaques to the right hand side:
A. Landman - J.v.d. Peijl
J.A. v. Leerzem - G. Riekwel
J.H. Leijdekkers - A. La Riviere
J. Leijnse - L. de Rijke
A. Lievense - J.M. v. Schagen
J. Looisen - G.J.A. Scheepers
L. Louwerse - J. Schouwenaar
H.B. Luwema - F. Schunselaar
W.J.P. Millenaar - G.K. Sportel
A. Minderhoud - L.A. v. Strien
L. Minderhoud Az. - J. Stroo
L. Minderhoud Pz. - A. Theune
A. Mudde - G.P. Vellekoop
A. Mijnheer - M. Vermeule
W. Niesthoven - Voogd
A. de Nooijer - C.F. Wiessner
J. de Nooijer - J.A. Wisse
W. Oostdijk - H.J. de Wit
D. de Pagter - C. v.d. Zouwen
A. Peene
L. Peeters

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