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Museum Kulmhof (Chelmno) Extermination Camp

This museum is situated in a small building and tells (In Polish) the story of the first Kulmhof extermination camp (8 December 1941 - March 1943). A great number of ground relics of the past are part of the exhibition.
Archaeologists exposed a large part of the manor house (or "palace" or "castle"), where the camp prisoners were held and stripped of their valuable possessions, located behind the museum building. Approximately 145.000 Jews and gypsy were gassed in mobile gas chambers or shot here.

The second part of the museum is the forest camp, established in 1944 and located a few kilometers further on. Some large memorials are erected on the former grounds of this camp. Approxiamately 70.000 Jews from the Lodz ghetto were murdered here.

For current visiting hours, please visit the website of the museum.

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  • Text: Kaj Metz
  • Photos: STIWOT

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