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Stützpunkt 188 Schlesien - Vf3 MG rundum-Stand

This Stützpunkt was part of the German Atlantic Wall (Atlantikwall).

The full name of this type was: Vf3 MG rundum-Stand (splittersicher, Hoyerdecke).

This strong point, situated in and around the village centre of Ledquent, was part of the Luftwaffe airfield Marquese-West between 1940 and 1943. In the period 1943-1944 it fulfilled the function of headquarters. At first for Pionierbataillon 147 and later alsof or the 1. Abteilung / Artillerieregiment 331.

On the 25th of March 1943 the strong point was provided with the code name "Stützpunkt 188 Schlesien". It was under the command of Luftwaffe Hauptmann Schüler, with Oberleutnant Fonfara as second in command. The occupation force consisted of 153 men: 4 officers, 37 NCO’s (non-commissioned officers) and 112 troops.

Stützpunkt 188 Schlesien consisted of the following bunkers:
- 3 R502 bunkers
- 5 Vf2a personnel personnel bunkers (Gruppenunterstand, splittersicher)
- 3 Vf3 machine gun bunkers
- 2 Ringstand
- 1 VF (storage)
- 1 gun position LAG
- 2 Wellblech bunkers

The Luftwaffe unit probably left the strong point in september 1943. From april 1944 the strong point was the headquarters of the 1. Batterie / Artillerieregiment 331 of the 331. Infanteriedivision. Two of the batteries were situated close to one another: the 1. Batterie at Rouge Berne and the 2. Batterie at Le Bail (the 3. Batterie was situated more inland and stationed in Rety).

The strong point was also the headquarters of Pionierbataillon 147, which was, in june 1944, the Divisionsreserve of the 47. Infanteriedivision, whose unit probably was present before april 1944.

The strong point is unique in the number of drawings that are still present in the bunkers today.

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