Plaque Poolsplein Kloosterzande

On this plaque the name of Hontenisse has been mentioned.
During the re assignment (of the municipalities) in January 2003 Hontenisse was incorporated into the municipality of Hulst.
Kloosterzande was the administrative centre of the village of Hontenisse and that was where the city hall was based.
This is the reason that the plaque is to be found in Kloosterzande on the fašade of a house opposite the mill of Kloosterzande.

The text on the plaque can be translated as follows:
On September 20, 1944,
the municipality of Hontenisse was
liberated by
Polish forces that belonged to
the Canadian Army.
The Poles entered the village
over this square

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  • Text: Mia van den Berg
  • Photos: Mia van den Berg