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Museum & Memorial of the Slovak National Uprising

The Museum of the Slovak National Uprising is a specialized Museum with the archives of special importance that documents development of the Slovak Society between 1938-1945 with an accent on documentation of anti-fascist resistance and the Slovak National Uprising. The museum is situated in a monumental building of the memorial of the Slovak National Uprising, that was built in the Southeast part of the historical center since 1969. Today it is one of the dominants of the county town in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia. This architecturally interesting building symbolizes history of the Slovak nation in two asymmetric reinforced concrete monuments joined with the bridge that symbolizes an idea of the Slovak National Uprising as an important milestone in the life of the Slovak society during the Second World War.

The space between the two monuments is used as a pious hall with the symbolic grave of an Unknown Soldier and the everlasting flame, most important battlefields of uprising and places of Nazi repression. Memorial tablets to victims of Holocaust from Slovakia and to the foreign fighters of the Slovak National Uprising are paced there as well. The whole memorial of the Slovak National Uprising was proclaimed as a national cultural heritage.
The Slovak National Uprising is presented as an important part of the European anti-nazi resistance during the WWII.

The Museum of the Slovak National Uprising is surrounded by the large park area. There is an open-air exhibition of heavy armament situated in the park. Close to the entrance to the park area there is the most interesting exhibit - aircraft LI-2. This aircraft was used to carry persons and material to an airbase Three Oaks in time of the Slovak National Uprising. The interior of the aircraft is opened for public.

For current visiting hours, please visit the website of the museum.

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