Memorial Battle of Bois Clair and Bombing of Cluny

In juni 1944 a logistical centre of the French resistance was created in Cluny, partially because of its location between a hill ridge and woods between the Sa˘ne and Grosne rivers.

The level of organisation was that big that the resistance was able to create a communication network of about 1,000km. The in Macon (Sa˘ne) based Germans of course wanted to destroy this resistance nest. On the 11th of August 1944 the underground resistance regiments managed to recapture the Bois Clair mountain pass and close off Cluny from German attacks. On the same day three German planes bombed the city two times and 14 residents were killed.

As a memory of these events there are numerous monuments in the city centre of Cluny, as one can see on the pictures.

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