Stützpunkt Clingendael - Toilet Bunker

This toilet bunker was part of the Widerstandsnest 303a on the Oosterbeek estate, near the Clingendael estate, where also the former bunker villa of Reichskommissar Arthur-Seyss-Inquart is located. The Stützpunkt Clingendael was located next to the Stützpunkgruppe Scheveningen and with this the front was drawn around Clingendael in a large way.

The defense works 303a was composed of multiple bunkers of the 625 type and was occupied, according to a map of August 24, 1944, by:
• 1/Polizei Waffen Schule III, composed of 1 officer and 5 soldiers.
• 7/Polizei Waffen Schule III, composed of 2 non-commissioned officers and 8 soldiers.
• 1./SS-Panzer Jäger "Nordwest", composed of 3 non-commissioned officers and 11 soldiers.

The bunker is nowadays specially equipped for wild life (bats).

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