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Stützpunkt Clingendael - Regelbau 625 Bunker

This Luftschutzbunker of the 625 Type was part of the Widerstandsnest 303a on the Oosterbeek estate, near the Clingendael estate, where also the former bunker villa of Reichskommissar Arthur-Seyss-Inquart is located. The Stützpunkt Clingendael was located next to the Stützpunkgruppe Scheveningen and with this the front was drawn around Clingendael in a large way.

The defense works 303a was composed of multiple bunkers of the 625 type and was occupied, according to a map of August 24, 1944, by:
• 1/Polizei Waffen Schule III, composed of 1 officer and 5 soldiers.
• 7/Polizei Waffen Schule III, composed of 2 non-commissioned officers and 8 soldiers.
• 1./SS-Panzer Jäger "Nordwest", composed of 3 non-commissioned officers and 11 soldiers.

The bunker is nowadays specially equipped for wild life (bats).

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