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Plaques sw. Katarzyny Church

These plaques commemorate:

- The Polish Army, which celebrated in this church after its victory in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920.
- Wiktor Zylinski (1909), who was arrested by the NKVD in 1939.
- The Polish victims of communism in the period 1939-1989.
- The Polish flying ace Wing Commander Jan Zumbach. He personally downed at least 12 enemy planes.
- The Polish sailors and naval officers who fell in September 1939.
- The Armia Krajowa soldiers who were locked up in the NKVD camps 178-454 in the period 1944-1947.
- The 261 Poles from Kolodna who were murdered by the Ukranian UPA on 14 July 1943.
- The Virtuti Militari which was awarded by the former president Ryszard Kaczorowski to this church for patriotism in the period 1944-1989.

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