This park was named for Giulio Amati (1913-1944) in January 2016. Amati had a role in the resistance but was betrayed by a "friend." He was arrested in February 1944, deported first to Auschwitz, then to Buchenwald, and finally to Landsberg, Germany, where he died a year later, on 20 April 1945, just before liberation. (Six of the slave labor camps in the Landberg area were liberated by the Americans on 27 April. Before then, the Nazis had started evacuating the camps, sending prisoners on death marches towards Dachau.)

At the dedication of the park, the Mayor of Genzano, Flavio Gabbarini, recalled Giulio Amati in the context of the city: "From many small stories comes the country's history. For us it is important to usher in a park named after Giulio Amati because it represents a part of our history, which is a history of resistance to Nazism, a sacrifice made by men who were killed at the Fosse Ardeatine and in the bombings."

A stolperstein (pietra d’inciampo) for Giulio Amati is on Via Catalana 1, with his wife’s parents.

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  • Text: Anne Palmer