Memorial Victims POW-Camp Tscherepowez

On Tsjerepovets city cemetery, the victims of the POW-camps in the surrounding area were buried. Later on,other graves were made on the same locations, so it was not possible anymore the trace the war graves.

In order to commemorates the victims, a central memorial was erected on the cemetery.

The 4,206 victims came from:
Germany: 2830
Hungary: 434
Romania: 400
Austria: 152
Finland: 109
Ukraine: 76
Poland: 44
Latvia: 43
Spain: 26
Czechoslovakia: 23
Yugoslavia: 16
France: 13
Japan: 9
Italy: 8
Moldova: 7
USA: 1
Netherlands: 1
Belgium: 1
Russia: 1
Estland: 1
Luxembourg: 1
Switzerland: 1

The Hungarian and Finnish victims are also commemorates by separate monuments.

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