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Memorial Complex "Mius-front"

This memorial complex is dedicated to the fightings at the Mius river in 1943. The German army had established a heavily fortified defence line along this river and the Red Army lost many soldiers in order to force a breakthrough. In front of the museum are the memorial stones to the units and formations, who fought here. A long stairway leads past a T-34/85 tank and eventually to the central concrete memorial, where the following inscriptions can be read:

"Not for a stone of sadness
Not for a stone of fame
Not to replace the fallen soldier
The memory to the heroes will be eternal
The light above the stone mountain will be eternal
And let the flickering ot the eternal fire
In your eyes impress you."


"Here at te walls of the home city
Fought in the terrible years of the war against fascism
Soldiers of the 383th and 395th mine workers divisions
They defended the ground
Where they saw the sun for the first time
And got down into the mines for the first time
They stood their ground for the motherland till death
And the motherland will not forget their names."

There are also several memorial stones at the central memorial, in memory the fallen 'Heroes of the Soviet Union".

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  • Text: Kaj Metz
  • Photos: Auke de Vlieger